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Friday, July 29, 2005

So Yo Co Sunday

This Sunday Reed, Alex, Carney, Johann, Josh, and I will be racing in the Southern York County Circuit Race. Touch little course as its all uphill or down - not a flat section on the 2.5 mile loop. Our race begins at 10:30am and is 15 laps long (37.5 miles). At the moment, the category 3-4 field isn't all that big, so this race will definitely not come down to a huge field sprint - and with any luck, FHR will be well represented at the finish.

For race info and directions, head to:
SoYoCo Race Flyer

Thursday, July 28, 2005

And the WINNER of the FHR Jersey Is.....

Me. Yep, I had no idea who that was when I posted the picture. I jokingly emailed Peters a short time later w/ a guess, and sure enough it was right. I can hear the protests now...

The picture below is our own MARSHALL SACKS. I'll find a recent picture and get it posted soon. Good stuff.

Here's Marshall's take on the photo (and the killer fro) - "I actually got DQ'd from a biathlon for not wearing a helmet, when I did have a leather hairnet on."

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Upcoming Ride Schedule

  • Thursday 5:45pm-ish @ Rossmoyne in Mechanicsburg - ITT Practice. Get there when you can...
  • Saturday 9am @ elementary school on Linglestown Road. 2-3hrs.

A FHR Jersey on the Line

First to identify the subject of this classic photo takes home a 2005 Faulkner Honda Cycling Team jersey. Email Mike Peters @ fhracing@comcast.net with your guess.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Faulkner Team Survives Nebo

Report from Carney:
The race was fast from the gun - I was in my red during the first lap. I came off on the last lap. I would chase back on only to get dropped on the climb. Mike Whitacker dropped out on the last lap (2004 winner). The race was just flying. I didn't know any of the guys in the lead group, but there were a lot of strong riders in the field. I finished 14th. The guy that won, I think, is the guy who won last year's 4/5 race. He had a minute on what was left of the pack at the finish. Not sure when he went off the front as we caught two guys that were out there w/ less than two laps to go. Thought we had everyone back at that point, but the lead car was no where to be seen, so it turned out the guy stayed away to the finish... "
Josh and Rife toughed it out and finished the race. Johann had mechanical issues right from the start and couldn't finish (or start for that matter!)...

A few photos of the suffering - (visit http://races.gdevitry.com/ to purchase!)
Nebo Rife
Rife sticking to it...

Nebo Josh Climb
Josh hanging tough on the climb...

Nebo Carney Finish
Carney Finishing 14th.

Nebo Josh Finish
Josh coming across the line.

Rookie Josh's Team Takes Marshall's Fantasy Tour DE France

To all Media: Press Release - Josh's Team

"Well first off I would like to thank my team. When I came to the tour this year as a rookie there were many doubts from the others about my team. I think we proved to everybody that the strongest team always wins. Special thanks to our team captain, Mr. Armstrong, who just "put it in the big ring" when it mattered the most. The mellow jonny will always be on your back. A good solid effort by Levi and Vino really helped going up the mountains and clinching stage wins. We had a good lead going into Sunday, but my call for Vino to attack
was to let everybody know that we are for real and sprinters are not. The Green jersey isn't important in the tour and we showed it throughout the real stages of the race.

A special thanks to the tour director Marshall, because this was one of the best tours I have been a part of. The game was awesome and I hope you will take the time to do this next year, Thanks.

The boys are going to have fun tonight (Sunday) and then before you know it, it's back to the drawing board to find a new captain and get Josh's Team a second victory. But tonight is going to be great.

Great Tour,
Director Sportif TdF 2005 Champion
Joshua Brand"

Complete Results will be posted soon...