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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Winter is here....?

Yet another 50 degree Saturday ride today....No complaints here. A big ol' group met at the former RiverRoom-now-pizza-joint location on Front Street. I don't know, maybe 12 of us? Some newer faces (and teammates) in the group - Nathan. Good strong addition to the team - don't have allot of info on him just yet; just know he rides a ton, used to live in Tennessee, and is currently a professor at Shipp U.

Lets see...who else was out there today - Nate Deibert, back from Spain....Mike Hebe, fresh off an impressive 10th in the 40+ race @ Cyclocross nationals....Ray Tasker-track racer guy.......40! YEAR OLD Rife.....Flyin' Ryan Sohmer.......straight outta Philly Johann.....Carney.....TV personality Scott Sanderson.....look at my sweet carbon Fetish-Andrew........Dwayne-my Stillers suck this year-Williamson.....and me - the dad-to-be bringing up the back, literally. Yep, all of those guys I just listed off, except for me, are in some great winter form at the moment....... Me on the other hand, well, I faked it pretty well for about two hours, but that third hour was pretty rough. I'll learn to live with it - for now. I'm way too excited about having a little boy in about 12 days to be worried about my fitness.

Held a team meeting after the ride at ABC.....Peters told war stories from his morning duck hunt - I don't know...the whole duck hunting thing sounds waaay to challenging for me. The whole sitting in a bogg, calling in a duck and shooting it with a shotgun thing.....yep, too tough for me. Haha......just kidding. In fact Peters was nearly attacked by a wild swann and a great blue heron today.....too risky for me out there...

We did discuss a few team related things in the meeting....# 1 was the agreement and welcoming of nathan (sorry man, don't even know your last name yet) to the team. As I mentioned above - definitely looks to be a good addition...and he was sitting at ABC at 2 in the afternoon....although I think he was without beer - we'll have to work on that one.

Team race - Faulkner Honda Hummelstown Criterium will be held on the first Saturday after the 4th of July - which, I believe, is July 7th in '07. Definitely looking forward to the event and working with Hummelstown again this year. What a great town and community. Can't wait to see how the folks come out to support the race this year...

T-shirts this year...we're going to have them made....between Boland and myself, we'll get something worked out. Ought to be good...

Oh yeah...speaking of Scott Boland...he's another new addition to the team....I think anyhow - has he been on a ride yet??? Joking, joking...... Boland used to follow me around Lambs Gap on the mtn bike back in the day, until he started passing me...then I quit riding with him. He raced a good season while living in Savannah, GA and now that he's settled back here in H'burg we offered him a spot on the team. Oh wait...he didn't have a beer at the meeting today either...what is up with that?

Alright, enough of my ramblings here tonight.....Its been way too long since I've updated the site. Hope to do a bit better of a job this year. Well heck...there's my New Year's resolution: Keep this blog updated.

Have a great (and safe) New Year's celebration.


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