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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Marshall's Fantasy TdF - Deadline Approaching

Yep - July 1st, 9pm is the deadline to have your team rosters to Marshall. Tough choices this year, no doubt. I think I need to get a keg and have everyone over again - that made my team selection last year a heck of a lot easier.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

PA Cycling Association Announces State Criterium Championships

PCA board is proud to announce that the Faulkner Honda Harrisburg Criterium on Saturday July 9th has been awarded the 2005 PA Elite Criterium State Championships.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Updated PA BAR Standings

Individual Standings for SM3 - Updated 6/27/05

1. Michael Koons ------------Tri State Velo--------------------371
2. Dave Kashuba ------------Lehigh Wheelmen Assoc.-------322
3. John Cameron ------Faulkner Honda Racing------247
4. Brian Smith --------------World Cup-------------------------171
5. Ryan Sohmer --------Faulkner Honda Racing------170
6. Robert Moskal -----------Elite Bicycles----------------------166
7. Taylor Brown ------------Tri State Velo----------------------165
8. Randal Henderson-------Premier Bank/Cycle Sports-----130
9. Charles Denton-----------White Rose Racing---------------119
10. Scott Sanderson----Faulkner Honda Racing-----117
13. Brian Rife -----------Faulkner Honda Racing------108
19. Mike Carney--------Faulkner Honda Racing-------66

Individual Standings for SM4 - Updated 6/27/05
6. Joshua Brand-------Faulkner Honda Racing--------40