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Monday, March 13, 2006


It took the Team a little over 8 months to chaulk up its first road victory in '05. Josh took care of that in the first criterium for '06. Not far behind him was Rife in 5th. Great start.

The Phat Philly Phyler
USCF - Men 3/4 - 35 Starters
1 - Joshua Brand - Faulkner Honda
2 - Colin Murphy - Essex County Velo
3 - Theodoros Koutroukide
4 - Chad Young - Snow Valley
5 - Brian Rife - Faulkner Honda

Josh's write-up:
"So, I wanted to to start the racing off with a bang this week. Saturday was the TT by Red Rose Races and I got 2nd in the cat 3/4 and 7th overall for the day. It was an amazing day out - 70 degrees I think - what a day to race.

On Sunday Rife and I ventured out to Phili - through all the traffic and the fake accident ( I wonder if the cop is still out threre?) - and we did the crit through Fairmont Park. I dont know if it was the rain, but damn, everybody was cocky. From calling us the 'Faulkner Honda Ladies' over the loud speaker, to some team saying "thats right, look at us" during our warm up.

It was a smooth race with no breaks getting away. Rife and I stayed toward the front to stay out of danger but not burn ourselves out. We raced smart. On the last lap, with about a quarter mile to go, I was leading (but not really hammering it) when I decided to go out on a flyer. I figured if I didn't get away, it would at least string things out for the sprint. Well, coming up the hill I realized I gapped the entire pack and came across the line for the big "W". Rife sprinted in for 5th. Not a bad start to the season, huh guys? The cool down lap turned into Rife and I partying the whole way. Needless to say Greg's coach who called us the ladies before the race didnt have much to say. 2nd yesterday and a 1st and 5th today - Johnny boy, get that blog cookin.


The blog is cookin', Josh.....