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Friday, July 15, 2005


No racing for the team this weekend, but beginning July 23rd w/ Mt. Nebo the team will be racing every weekend through the end of August. Lots of opportunities to add to our great '05 results.

Josh and I are riding in the Gettysburg MS 150 tomorrow and Sunday. It'll be great to get in some summer endurance training while raising money for a great cause - the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. We plan to ride a good 175 miles between Saturday and Sunday. Thanks to the generous contributions of family and friends (and Faulkner Honda Racing) I've been able to raise more than $600 for this year's ride - next year I'll definitely work to eclipse the $1000 mark! For more info on the ride and the MS Society, check out:
MS Society of Central PA

Fantasy Tour STAGE 13

Bike Widow takes the stage today with Rodriguez, O'Grady and Hushovd. Only two teams failed to place a rider in the top ten today.

Sealy-Cotra retains the GC lead. Los Globeros and TC stay within striking distance. Saturday and Sunday stages are both in the Pyrennes.

STAGE 13 Results

Fantasy Tour STAGE 12

Yesterday was a mountain (timed) stage. Big time gaps as 7 teams had 2 riders in the break. Ploeg Zonder Naam took the stage with Moncoutie and Hushovd. Sealy-Cotra took over the GC lead by getting Merckx and Hushovd in the break. 6 teams missed the break.

STAGE 12 Results

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

You gonna come through...?

Carney at the helm in the Pro-1-2-3 race on Saturday. He was under the impression that guys would actually pull through in those races...

Fantasy Tour, Stage 11 Results

Carney's team, PGWP, took the stage by getting both Vino and Botero in the break. To celebrate the win, he's buying beers for everyone at ABC tonight. If you see him there, be sure to take him up on it. Anyhow, most teams had at least 3 riders in the main group of contenders. No major changes at the top of the GC. Voigt was eliminated today.

STAGE 11 Results

Faulkner Honda Harrisburg Criterium Results

Letter from the Director:

"As I wrap up the race with sending results and answering the flood of complaints via e-mail, I can't help but feel a calmness come over me as we managed to put another very successful race into the history books. I have said this from our first year in 2001, I could not have done this race with out the help from all of you! I mean this from the bottom of my heart. Without the help of all of you ordering toilets and numbers weeks before the race, to camping out at my house for the days leading up to the event to get stuff together, to the family members staying up late making lunches or getting up early the day of the race just to "Help out" with a few things, to racing our race and then helping plug a few holes even though your on another team, to all of you taking your Sunday to help me get equipment back or put away, I could not get this race done without all of you.

Thanks again,


Complete Race Results

Fantasy Tour Stage 10 Results

Josh's Team (Armstrong, Leipheimer and Peipoli) takes the stage, followed closely by Los Globeros. Los Globeros widens the GC lead.

STAGE 10 Results

Monday, July 11, 2005

Fantasy Tour Update - Stages 7, 8, & 9.

Stage 7: Downtube Shifters took the stage with McEwen and Cancellara. Los Globeros stills leads GC but it has tightened up. The first week has settled very little.

Stage 8: Sealy-Cotra and Laux Sprokets shared the stage with Kloden and Horner. Sealy-Cotra moved to the GC lead after the Stage.

Stage 9: We Don't do Cross took Stage 9 with Rasmussen and Voigt.

Injuries are starting the have an impact. Riders gone from the game include Zabriskie, Gomez Marchante, vonBon, Kirsipuu and Honchar. Los Globeros are down 2 climbers. The next three stages are timed - the actual times of your top 3 riders are used for game purposes.

Complete Results:
Stage 7 Results
Stages 8 & 9 Results