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Friday, October 14, 2005

2005 Season Top 10's

Place, Race, Date, Category, Discipline
1st, St. Joe's Day 5k, 19-Mar, Men 30-34, Run
1st, St. Joe's Day 5k, 19-Mar, Men 19-24, Run
1st, RGTS Off Road Duathlon, 26-Mar, Overall, Duathlon
1st, Tour de Tykes, 4-Jun, Expert Senior II, Mtn Bike
1st, Grandview Criterium, 13-Aug, Cat. 3/4, Road
2nd, Michaux Maximus, 24-Apr, Expert Senior II, Mtn Bike
2nd, White Rose Criterium, 22-May, Cat. 4/5, Road
2nd, White Rose Criterium, 22-May, Cat. 3/4, Road
2nd, GtN MiniTriathlon, 28-May, Men 30-34, Triathlon
2nd, Race for Chocolate, 18-Jun, Expert Senior II, Mtn Bike
2nd, Cargas Criterium, 19-Jun, Cat. 3/4, Road
2nd, Dave Wollet Criterium, 14-Aug, Cat. 3/4, Road
2nd, Gino's Duathlon, 11-Sep, Overall, Duathlon
3rd, White Rose Criterium, 22-May, Cat. 3/4, Road
3rd, Yuasa Criterium, 25-Sep, Cat. 4, Road
3rd, Yuasa Criterium, 25-Sep, Cat. 3/4, Road
4th, Turkey Hill Country Classic, 7-May, Cat. 3/4, Road
4th, Marietta Criterium, 11-Jun, Cat. 3/4, Road
4th, Cargas Criterium, 19-Jun, Cat. 3/4, Road
4th, SoYoCo Circuit Race, 31-Jul, Cat. 3/4, Road
4th, Christiana Criterium, 7-Aug, Cat. 3/4, Road
4th, Christiana Overall, 7-Aug, Cat. 3/4, Road
5th, Tour de Tykes, 4-Jun, Sport Men 19-29, Mtn Bike
5th, Doubling Gap State TT, 21-Aug, Cat. 3 , Road
6th, Lemon Hill Criterium, 18-Jun, Cat. 4, Road
6th, SoYoCo Circuit Race, 31-Jul, Cat. 3/4, Road
6th, Doubling Gap State TT, 21-Aug, Cat. 4 , Road
7th, Cargas Criterium, 19-Jun, Cat. 3/4, Road
7th, Yuasa Criterium, 25-Sep, Cat. 3/4, Road
9th, Marietta Criterium, 11-Jun, Cat. 3/4, Road
9th, Christiana Road Race, 6-Aug, Cat. 3/4, Road
10th, Ephrata Criterium, 17-Apr, Cat. 3/4, Road

2005 Season Review

Faulkner Honda Racing, FHR, is an amateur men’s Category 3and 4 bicycle racing team comprised of riders from Central Pennsylvania that compete primarily in the PA BAR (Pennsylvania Best All-around Rider) competition.

2005 was a terrific year for the Team. Race victories, numerous top 10 finishes, and the individual award for the Best All-around Rider in Pennsylvania for Category 3 all belong to the Team as the year comes to a close. The individual PA BAR award, won by John Cameron, can be attributed to the total TEAM effort of each rider throughout the long racing season.

Mike Peters, Mr. Team Director himself, provided the Team with support throughout the entire season, even making appearances at several races to shout out commands and advice to the Team. In addition, he, his wife Patricia, along with the Team and dozens of volunteers pulled off another successful Faulkner Honda Harrisburg Criterium. The event attracted hundreds of racers and raised more than $15,000 for PA CASA. Without Mike’s vision, the Race nor the Team would exist.

The Young Gun, Josh Brand, a first year rider on the Team, had a terrific season. Upgrading to Category 4 this year, Josh had great results in both Cat. 4 and Cat. 3 races alike. He has shown true grit to survive tough races of attrition and that he has the speed to win a bunch sprint at the end of a criterium. Look for big things from Josh in 2006.

John Cameron was honored to bring home the PA BAR award for Category 3 this year. With the Team’s dedication in getting John to the finish safely in many races this year, winning the award was the least he could do to thank the Team for their hard work and sacrifice.

With Mike Carney on the Team, FHR had a distinct advantage over their competition in 2005. They had the strongest rider in the Category 3 peloton on their squad. He rode hard for the Team all season, but still scored some great results for himself. Mike finished 2nd at the Dave Wollet Criterium, in the Top 10 several times, and 6th over-all in the PA BAR competition.

Johann Liljengren, now a PENN senior, spent the summer on internship at the Capitol Complex in Harrisburg. In a chance meeting with Mike Peters, Johann was invited to ride with the Team. In no time at all, Johann’s incredible late race surges were helping FHR finish strong. He was a one-man lead out train, exemplified no better than in the Cargas Criterium when he pulled John, Scott and Brian around to the finish, sending them across the line in 2nd, 4th, and 7th.

One of the most improved riders on the Team in ’05 had to be Steve Reed. Steve committed to a new training program this year that had him
focus on building endurance at a much lower intensity than he was used to. Coming from a past of only riding fast ALL of the time, this was a big change for him. Now after almost a solid year of hard work, Steve is ready to see the results in 2006.

Brian Rife had a great 2005 season with several top 10 finishes. With his years of road racing experience and BMX racing speed, Brian could always find ways to get himself into contention at the end of a race. His ability to effortlessly move around in the pack was a terrific example for all the Team to follow - if they could hold his wheel…

Alex Roberts latched himself onto early moves in races all through the season, making sure FHR was represented in everything. His early race aggression lead to John’s victory in the Grandview Criterium. Alex alertly took John to the front of the pack just as the winning break-away was forming. Even after his common early race efforts, Alex was able to finish almost every race he started in ’05.

The Team could always count on Marshall Sacks, the Cyclopedia and Master Tactician, for advice leading up to a race. From his years of racing experience he could take the Team through every scenario possible before an event and critique their performance afterwards.

As Scott Sanderson was riding himself into form this season, an unfortunate injury derailed the remainder of his year. Scott scored top 5 finishes in both running and riding races through the spring and early summer, but a nagging IT Band problem forced him off the bike for several weeks in July. Since then, Scott has shifted his focus to rehabbing the knee and working towards a strong 2006 season.

Ryan Sohmer got the Team’s season started with strong results in both the grueling Turkey Hill Country Classic (4th) and the White Rose Circuit Race (2nd). Those efforts certainly boosted Team confidence leading into June. Unfortunately, Ryan’s season came to a halt with back problems that kept him from racing through the thick of the season. Incredibly, even with no racing for three months, Ryan was able to return to the scene and compete with the best through late August and September.

Team race victories, Team Top 10’s, and a PA BAR Champion for the Team in ‘05 – Things are looking good for ‘06.