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Tuesday, July 25, 2006


I am a tall dude but Johann your a Giant

This Weekend for FHR

3 Top tens, 2 days of racing, 1 Hell of a Night. That pretty much wraps up the weekend. It started off strong as Carney, Ryan, Scott and I lined up to tackle Mt. Nebo. Carney took a huge pull at the front and shattered the pack and the hopes of many riders. Ryan and Scott were sitting pretty and ended up with a 6th and 9th on the day. Good job boys! Carney finished 18th and well we won't talk about my day of "racing."
After a fun night at the Pubs Christmas in July party. I got plenty of sleep under the rug. Rife, Johann and I went up to good ol Bloomsburg for a fast 4 corner crit. The word of the day was ATTACK! Johann and I just kept attacking and getting in some breaks but riders wouldn't work together or the peleton would ramp it up and chase us down. A two man break stayed away because no one wanted to pull until 3 laps to go and it was too little too late. Rife found himself in good position coming down to the final corner and that's when I saw Johann come up on my left. I lined up behind him and was in a great position except for that mud as I don't know how we didn't go down but I guess it will have to be Toona next week for us. Rife got 10th and I did win a water bottle and a cage. Sure beats our race with all those helmets, tires and good prizes.
Great weekend for the boys in blue and for Floyd. That was a great tour and I hate to say it but I told you all Floyd would win the tour. Before the scandal and his signature looks good on the back of the Faulkner vest.
Toona this weekend, it should be fun.