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Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Andrew singing "the my insurance company is taking forever to get me new bike blues"

Tour De Toona

Ok so I was waiting on the website to post a pic of Carney getting his beer mug but that still isn't up. Johann, Carney, Ryan and I headed to Toona where Carney and I saw Michael Jackson doing his famous moon walk. I know I couldn't believe it either Jacko in a Hooters he had to be there for the food. Friday's race was a lovely day in the pouring down rain with 100 racers trying to stay upright. With in the first mile there was a crash where some dude cracked his fork right in half. The Faulkner boys were staying close to the front and out of danger. That was until 500 meters to go. I was second wheel when the dude in front of me crashed. Don't know how, don't know why but of course I had the luck and went down with him. Ryan ended up finishing a strong 7th and we knew what we had to do on Saturday.
The road race was 70 miles with 3 climbs in it and 4 Faulkner guys in it. The secret is the Shiner Bock because the Faulkner boys had a hell of a day. Carney, Ryan and Johann found themselves in the front group while I was taking a shit in some nice ladies house. I left the fan on! carney attacked and got up to the lone yellow jersey and came home with second, Ryan got 5th and Johann 7th. It was a great day and not tomorrow it set up the boys to get on the podium for the weekend. Strong day Congrats to all three of you.
The crit was a fast technical course. You had to survive it between the people bonking from the hard races the past to days and the crashes. Ryan did just that and come home with 6th. Not a bad weekend at all a 5th, 6th and 7th in one of the hardest cat 3 fields out there. A 5th over all for the man and Carney following in 6th and Johann in 11th. A great weekend for the boys in blue and we had a hell of a weekend.