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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Brian Rife - A Community Man

This post is pretty outdated, but definitely worth mentioning. Early June the Faulkner boys were at it again at another community event. This event was to help boy scouts earn the maintenance portion of their cycling badge. We had a small number of scouts show up for the event, which was held at the back of the Newport Public Library in Newport, PA. It was actually nice because we got to work one-on-one with the scouts. Brian was working with a boy named Eli who was riding a bike with a pretty awful back wheel. It was obvious Eli was unable to ride this bike. After the event Brain couldn't get that out of his head and became determined to get Eli a bike that he could actually ride. Brian's neighbor was getting rid of a kids BMX bike and Brain claimed it pretty quickly. With a little tune-up the bike was ready to roll. Brain and Denise went up to Newport to deliver the bike to an extremely excited Eli!


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