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Monday, February 20, 2006


Winter finally decided to visit PA. Last weekend, temperatures in the teens and low twenties with 20-30mph winds made the brutal rocks of Michaux look tame compared to the windswept wide-open roads around here.

Three of us ventured to Pine Grove Furnace to tackle the 20 mile 'sport' loop - to try to get some singletrack, technical grace back into our legs. Luckily that stuff really never leaves you. Once you've figured out how to ride through that once unrideable stuff, you somehow just never forget how to do it - no matter how long you avoid it. It just comes back. Like riding a bike.
To the right is a good example of what Michaux offers...add a fresh dusting of snow, and that's what we had on Saturday. Good stuff. Yeah, its the type of stuff you've got to commit to...once you're on it, you can't turn back...you lose your momentum and you're going down. Hard. Gotta love that.

Three hours of getting kicked around by the rocks of Michaux. Makes me want to go back this weekend.