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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Peters Pub Crew


Yesterday Floyd broke our heart but today what an effort. You just don't see that anymore in cycling, AWSOME! Did you see the rage he was riding with too, God look at after he finished he didn't need anybody guards when he pushed everybody out of his way. The TT should be a great day and what a tour to watch.
I remember Lil John (Yeah.....Ok) getting me to sign up on this a while ago but for some reason never helped out with the site. Just to let everyone know this is Josh. This weekend should be fun as most of the Faulkner Boys will be lining up for Nebo which well Nebo is Nebo plain and simple. Should be a fun intresting race and I'll say it I know there will be Blue on the front on the last climb. Then on Sunday Rife, Johann, and I will be doing the Bloomsburg crit. I don't know much about the course but it should play out pretty well. This weekend coming up will be a busy one and hopefully I'll remember to get this blog cookin again and keep everyone up to date.