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Saturday, June 18, 2005

Saturday Update

Josh and Johann took the trip to Philly Saturday morning to race the Lemon Hill Crit - Located on one of the famous sections of the USPRO Championship Course. In the Cat. 4/5 race, Josh pulled off a very respectable 6th place even though he sat up in the final sprint - AFTER getting rammed by another rider. He was lucky to stay upright, let alone finish 6th. Johann had a strong ride in the Cat 4 race, finishing top 20.

John (me) raced the super dry, super dusty, super fast Hershey's Race for Chocolate Mtn Bike race in the Expert Senior II category. Had a good race today, but unfortunately, so did the guy who won. I entered the woods in second position, but never again saw the first placed rider - he was just motoring (on a singlespeed no less...ugh). I was caught by two riders at the end of the first lap, but was able to drop them both midway through the second, riding the rest of that lap and the third on my own. It was a tight race though, as 3rd and 4th place were within two minutes of me.

Tomorrow we're all heading to Cargas...

Friday, June 17, 2005

JULY 9th, 2005

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Faulkner Honda Weekend

Have a weekend full of racing coming up. A little mountain bike racing in Hershey on Saturday, some road action in Lancaster on Sunday.

I think I'll be flying solo in Hershey - should be a good time though. Course is great fun, twisting and turning through 100 acres on Milton Hershey property. If its dry - its fast and a fun. If its wet - its four laps of torture. Looks like it may be dry......Let's hope.

Faulkner Honda Racing will be well represented on Sunday at Cargas - 'D' shaped criterium course near Lancaster. Industrial park loop, but with its nice rise to the Start/Finish, it provides good racing even without the atmostphere...

Reed, Josh and UPenn rider (and new teammate) Johann will represent FHR in the Cat. 4 race - all are riding strong, so look for good results...

Carney, Sanderson, Alex, Rife, and I are in the Cat. 3/4 race - Ryan is nursing a screwed up back, so no racing for him this weekend. Way better for him to heal up now...

Hope we all can avoid the crashes this weekend - Scott was in a great spot last weekend at Marietta, but was taken out of it by some jagg in corner two w/ only two laps to go. Johann was taken out too, for that matter. Gotta love this thing called bike racing.