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Friday, June 24, 2005


Looks to be a quiet weekend for the Team with only one road race in the area - and its not a PA BAR event. Many of us have been racing every weekend since the middle of May, so a weekend or two of no racing is much deserved.
The last five weekends have been great for us - In total we scored 12 Top Tens in eight different races - ranging in discipline from Mountain Bike to Road to Triathlon. Good stuff.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

2005 Fantasy TdF Rules and Guidelines

And just like that, the rules, regulations, by-laws, commandments, and guidelines have been provided by Marshall. Linked below. Click; Read; Print; Memorize...

2005 Fantasy TdF Guidelines

Marshall's 2005 Fantasy Tour de France Salaries

Click on the link below to check out this year's Fantasy Tour de France salary schedule. Guidelines and rules will be posted shortly...

Tour de France Rider Salaries

Official Results, Cargas Criterium

Official Cargas Crit Results, Top 10. Doesn't look like the top standings in the PA Best All-Around Rider competition will change too much. Dave Kashuba and Mike Koons both finished in the top ten on Sunday, so they will likely hold their spots of 1st and 2nd. I may Jump up to 3rd, maybe closing the point gap a little to 2nd. Scott and Brian will move into the top 10 overall (or close to it) with their good finishes. That will put four of us in or near the top 10 (Ryan, Rife, Scott, and me). Not bad...


2 208 JOHN CAMERON - Faulkner Honda
4 237 SCOTT SANDERSON - Faulkner Honda
7 233 BRIAN RIFE - Faulkner Honda


Lots could be said about this shot.....
Its actually Peters and Ryan representing the team at Faulkner Honda's Super Saturday event on June 4th.
Super Saturday

Monday, June 20, 2005

Cargas Pics

Bri and Johann
Johann and Brian cruising through Corner 2...


The Finish
Approaching the Finish - Brian (left) 7th, John (mid/right) 2nd, and Scott (far right) 4th.

Bri Finish
Brian across the line for 7th...

Coolin down
Scott and Brian, race over, coolin' down...

Sunday, June 19, 2005

UPS and downs....

Category 3/4 race had Carney, Johann, John (me), Scott, Rife, and Alex lined up in the 60+ rider field. Numbers were on our side, but the course was so fast it was tough to get anyone into a successful break. Can't say we didn't try though. Race stayed together through much of it's 25 laps, but with HARD pulls by both Johann and Carney, it kept the racing honest and pretty strung out. With the race winding down, Carney did his usual best in making riders suffer and took two huge pulls on the back stretch with three to go and again with two laps to go. On the final lap - as usually happens - everyone started looking at one another, but didn't want to pull through after Carney's monster efforts and the pack started to swell and bunch up across the road.... Then came Johann. As soon as the situation looked out of our control, Johann pulled through an took a massive turn on the back side of the course. He strung the whole pack out perfectly w/ John, Scott and Rife all in good position for the finale. Johann held his speed into the last corner, launching the three of us towards the line. So, everything looked perfect - except - coming into the final corner, one rider jumped the whole field and gapped us all by 30 yards in the blink of an eye. Hoping he would explode before the finish line, we put our heads down and pushed it all the way to the line. Didn't get him. With an incredibly gutsy move, he had won the race. John held onto 2nd, Scott was right behind in 4th, with Brian taking 7th.
Although we missed out on the win, it was a near perfect finish for the Team.

Johann, Steve, and Josh lined up for the Category 4/5 race later in the day. With some bad luck in Philly the day before, both Johann and Josh were looking for some redemption. With aggressive riding, the three FHR riders were working over the field for another strong finish. After some communication and his success with the move earlier in the day, Johann agreed to lead out Josh for the finale. Great plan, but in corner one of the final lap, Josh was taken out. Both he and Johann were in the front end of the pack - great position to be in, but as they rounded the first corner, Josh found himself sliding across the pavement. Luckily, Josh was able to walk away from the crash - with some road rash that will surely feel great this week - but nothing too serious. Frustrating way to finish the day for the Team (and painful for Josh) - but overall it was another good showing for FH. The results (and better luck) will come...