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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Tour de Christiana

Josh, Reed, Carney, and I survived our marathon weekend of racing at the Tour de Christiana, August 6th and 7th. 82 category 3/4 riders took the start line.

Road race was one decided mostly by attrition, as it was a five lap, 43 mile race, around a rolling loop with two tough climbs each lap. Carney and I made it through the race, but neither of us quite knew how to finish it off - Carney finished 11th, I was right ahead of him in 9th and that's how we stood in the points race after stage one.

Sunday morning's Individual Time Trial greeted us all w/ rain and lovely manure on the roads from the horses of the Amish prevalent in the area. Another difficult course, the ITT was to be won by someone able to keep momentum up and over the rolling hills around the 10 mile loop. Josh tackled the course first, followed by Carney, Reed, and finally me. We all agreed afterwards that we felt like crap during the event - but somehow I managed a 16th place finish. Earning some more points towards the overall, but dropping me to 11th overall after stage two.
TT Results:
Cameron, 16th: 0:23:31
Carney, 25th: 0:24:27
Brand, 28th: 0:24:30
Reed, 55th: 0:26:03

After a good lunch at a Paradise Diner, it was off to the afternoon Criterium in the center of Christiana. Our race was rather short, at only 14 laps, or about 18 miles - but I was super thankful it wasn't any longer when the gun went off. The first 5 laps of the race were flying and I was doing everything I could to just stay in. Carney was up front making guys suffer as usual. Somehow, a group of three escaped off the front - even with the high speeds. Nothing I could do about it, so I just sat in waiting for my legs to come around. Finally, with a few laps to go I was able to comfortably position myself towards the front of the group, but I didn't have the energy to attack and try to chase down the breakaway - I had to be content with a high placing without the win. Carney was doing his best to recruit some help at the front to pull back the break, but no one was willing. Coming out of the last corner, I was sitting 5th wheel and just started my sprint as soon as the road straightened out. To my surprise I blew by the guys in front of me and had no one challenge me from behind, finishing first from the group and 4th for the race. Carney cruised in with what was left of the pack.
With my 4th placing in the Crit, I moved all the way up to 4th Overall for the race. Carney finished 24th Overall.
Tough weekend of racing for sure...

Next up - Grandview Heights Criterium in Lancaster. Info @ www.redroseraces.com

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