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Friday, August 05, 2005

14th Annual Tour de Christiana

Reed, Carney, Josh and I will be heading to (and around) Christiana, PA for the Tour de Christiana this weekend. Its a three stage Points Race - beginning w/ a 43 mile road race tomorrow, a 10.3 mile individual time trial Sunday morning, and finishing up with a criterium in the heart of Christiana Sunday afternoon. It's going to be a tough weekend of racing...

For all the race details, visit:
RedRose Races Website

Thursday, August 04, 2005


Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Updated PA B.A.R. Standings - Five FH in Top 20

Standings - 8/2/2005_________________Points
1. Dave Kashuba - Lehigh Wheelmen Assoc.-----------442
2. Michael Koons - Tri State Velo------------------------371
3. John Cameron - Faulkner Honda Racing------------324
4. Mike Whitaker - Spinners Cycling -------------------185
5. Brian Smith - World Cup Ski and Cycle--------------183
6. Ryan Sohmer - Faulkner Honda Racing--------------170
7. Robert Moskal - Elite Bicycles-------------------------166
8. Taylor Brown - Tri State Velo-------------------------165
9. Colton Valentine - Drive Sports Racing--------------163
10. Elliot McAllister - Bike Line of Ardmore-----------160

13. Scott Sanderson - Faulkner Honda Racing---------135
19. Brian Rife - Faulkner Honda Racing----------------108
20. Mike Carney - Faulkner Honda Racing--------------96

Not too many B.A.R. races left in the year, but with the Christiana Stage Race, Grandview Heights Criterium, Dave Wollet Criterium, and the State Time Trial (worth double points), anything can happen. No matter what the outcome, FHR will definitely end up with a solid showing for '05.

SoYoCo - Race Pics

L-R: Alex, Reed, and Carney all at the front.
L-R: Alex, Reed, Carney, John, and Josh...
John (can only see the helmet...), Carney, and Josh

Carney, John, and Josh

SoYoCo - Post Race Pics

L-R: Johann, John, Josh, Peters, Carney (front), and Alex....with Joan watching over. Carney sipping the ultimate recovery juice.

Monday, August 01, 2005

SoYoCo Race Report

Report: Michael Peters, Faulkner Honda Racing -Team Director

The FHR boys did very well to control the race. A crash at the end made for placings that we should not have gotten. The overall is that they did a great job at making 40+ guys suffer so bad they were woozy coming up that hill after they fell off, and about 30 or so guys did just that.

Reed and Roberts covered some early jumps. When the first 2 laps or so ended, the pack was still completely together. The blue train at the front looked great and the pace was wickedly high. The interesting thing is that when the peleton came up the hill to the start/finish line, the whole thing was completely together each lap - They were strung out single file quite a few times, but still together. Anyway, about a third of the way through the race, you would see 2 or 3 guys off the back each lap, until the last 3 laps had only about 15 guys left. The only real group off the back of the peleton contained Alex, Sez, and 3 or 4 other guys. For awhile Alex's group was only a minute or so off the back. Unfortunately for Alex, the peleton just kept getting faster.

In the end we had Carney, Cameron, and Brand coming into the last lap, Johan had come off a few laps before that. Somewhere on the false flat near the finish, Josh made a good move as people were jockeying for position coming up toward the hill for the last time. As Josh was caught though, Mike Whitaker stood up and Cameron reacted as his wheel came back. John bumped his wheel (Cameron's front to Whitaker's back) and started to fall to the left. John managed to stay up, but because of the major swerve guys behind braked hard, causing 3 of them to go down - Carney included. Due to the crash, the front group split in half w/ John up front and Josh chasing back on. At the end, John went for the sprint but was in just too low of a gear to get better than 4th. The move was good but I think John's mind was back on Carney hitting the ground. Josh finished strong in 6th.

An exciting race all in all.